Blue Cheese + the Color Red.

In my last post I talk about change and how if things don’t change, they can start to stink. Apparently change is one of my favorite topics on Bird’s Nest because I’ve talked about it a lot… like here and here.

There are some things that I’m confident will never change…like how much I love cat week on Ellen, eating salads (I seriously love them), and the power of endorphins after a great workout.

I’ve also been thinking of things that I used to really dislike. Among that list included foods like blue cheese, peanut butter, bananas, and squash. With an open palate and few tastes of each here and there, now I can’t seem to get enough of those. (Blue cheese, who would have thought?! Peanut butter? A few tablespoons a day, paaaahlease.) cb18d9af96f75e128f8ad90adb9bcb05

(Autumn Salad with Figs + Blue Cheese)

Wearing the color red? No way…hardly any pieces in my closest with that color. Now I can’t stop thinking about how to incorporate it into my fall wardrobe. f71d17d4c5a6db124c8c4e86fbe1348f


Country music was once nails on a chalkboard for me. Now, I could probably sing along to most of the current radio country hits. Who am I?!!

Another (honest) “dislike” turned to like love: Michael. Yeah, it’s true. After he and I broke up in high school, I could barely stand to be in the same room with him—and considering that “room” was the sanctuary at our home church, I had some major negative vibes going out as I lifted my hands lovingly to God in worship! Oh the irony! My heart changed and what can I say?…I can’t imagine my life without him. 1625630_10201720682290211_4899466001597001571_n I’m still waiting on my taste buds to change on foods like mushrooms…still a bit iffy about avocados, and definitely don’t like tofu. But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying them. I’m open. Maybe I just need to taste them a different way, see them (preferably hidden) in something else? Like that banana nut bread with avocados and chia seeds I’ve made in the past, total winner!

Here’s what I’m getting at: Be open. Try new things. Make changes. We just might surprise ourselves and discover how much better our lives are with something we once wrote off, or maybe even someone we once closed the door to. We are creatures made to evolve and transform!

So I’m curious…what foods did you used to hate as a kid but now adore? What about trends or habits that you thought you’d never do but now have become the norm?


4 thoughts on “Blue Cheese + the Color Red.

  1. I used to hate sweet potato but now am a fan because of its rich nutrients. One childhood fav I have never been able to walk away from however are spaghetti O’s! I have a can at all times in the pantry when I need it. The one food I have loved from the time I could walk to this very day is bleu cheese! I’m pretty sure I eat it everyday! And I got the red dress hanging in my closet! I have always totally loved Mike as you well know!

  2. Good message. So true the one thing we can always count on to happen is: CHANGE! Learning to be open to new things and foods that used to cause me to gag… Spinach(imagine that) I love it now but when I was little it was stringy and tough. Hominy( what grits are made from) I thought no taste at all but have enjoyed it now when combined with spicy foods.

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