Weddings, Autumn, Change, and Cute Animals.

IMG_3946 I just got back from the loveliest weekends celebrating my dear college roomie, Helen, get married to her man, David! I’m all sappy with the power of love, commitment, and and the truth in Ecclesiastes 4:9– “that two are truly better than one.” It’s made me miss Michael terribly and us being side by side.

The weekend was filled with lots of good eats, sweet blessings over the couple, and visiting with old friends from college. One of my favorite memories I’ll keep from the weekend was being the only four on the dance floor as if we were in our dorm room having yet another one of our dance parties. Well, hello nostalgia. 10672396_850399855878_6087661731159181925_n IMG_3945 I’m also pretty giddy that my house has had a good deep clean and is all decorated for autmn. The change between summer and fall is always a hard one for me. I love the summer heat, sunlight that reaches late into the night, and fresh summer fruits and vegetables. Change is always uncomfortable. Readjusting thought and behavior patterns ain’t fun…(no more figs!!! WHYYYYY!!!…oh yeah, hey honey crisp apple, missed you!) (the ease of sandals!…but those boots though…!). IMG_3894 As much as change rattles my nest, I welcome it and secretly love the challenge of rising to meet the new, unknown, and “different.” I’m realizing more each day that if things didn’t change, we’d be awfully unhappy with the stagnant. The word “stagnant” alone gives an interesting perspective: “having no current or flow and often having an unpleasant smell as a consequence.” So when things don’t change (even good things like single-hood, college days coming and going, the four seasons of the year), things can simply start to stink if the new doesn’t come in. Just some thoughts. IMG_3917 On another note, I’ve come across some super adorable pictures of animals and autumn (via Pinterest!). Warning: you’re about to be overloaded with cuteness and a strong desire to see autumn foliage. Enjoy and Happy Sunday! 63e6b4c6fed6293c8b8ede113abe76c0 f18e2477042784c6df846d73228c3377 b3d2cff662f5df0c9beb31579ee90164 95a4432544dbed7826db53c4d2cefee1 f8bfd67a173a3bb26b6b6372040df49c


4 thoughts on “Weddings, Autumn, Change, and Cute Animals.

  1. Awhhhh… both wedding and autumn creatures are beautiful images! The animals are just lovable. Your hair was so lovely for the wedding Shea 🙂 Bride was beautiful too.

  2. I feel you on the changes from summer to fall! Just changes in general are always difficult but sometimes it’s for the best! Like fall for instance (my favorite season) sometimes change is good. And also ask those animal pictures are ADORABLE!!! My favorites the one with the piggies. But anyways kept on blogging these great blogs and have a blessed day!

  3. In the autumn of my life, I am still changing for the better!, Love the cat with the feathers on his head! Helen looked beautiful and you were gorgeous yourself!

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