Those Post Vacation Rainy Monday Blues.

I mean…the title puuuurdy much sums up today.

A few of my favorites in the world came down a week ago for us all to vacation on Kiawah Island: Parents, brother and sister in law, my sweeeeet nieces, grandparents, aunt and uncle, cousin, annnnd long-distance boyfriend, Michael. I had to throw in that detail of doing the long-distance thing because this was the longest time we’ve had together since we started to date back in March! I dropped him off at the airport early this morning and drove back to reality, wiping my tears as the windshield wiped the rain. Poetic, yes?

The post-vacation blues are real. The high of paid time off, eating my fill of cheese and peanut butter, binge watching Netflix, taking days off from the gym, eating more cheese and peanut butter, snuggling up to those favorites of mine…well the high is quickly slapped with the low of getting back into a routine at work, saying good bye to loved ones, working off the extra 3lbs of cheese and peanut butter, and counting down until the next time I get to see Michael. Current countdown: 25 days.



I’ve let myself wallow a little bit today but now I need some happy memories from September and things to look forward to in October to get me out of this post-vacation rainy Monday funk.

Sweet memories from early September & vacation:

-creating this new recipe for a clean version of breakfast turkey sausageunnamed-2

-serving as the maid of honor at my sweet friends Carolyn and Ziad’s wedding


-a shout out from this blog featuring my DIY headboard! Check out numero 3! (p.s. I want to sell that! Name your best offer and it could be yours!)

-capturing these moments with my nieces



-finally satisfying my craving for a s’more (or 4) of a year and a half!



October goodies:

-October is one of my favorite months. Fall! Boots! Jeans! Straight hair!

-Helen & David’s wedding!

-downtime in Charleston

-a trip to visit Michael 🙂

-this quinoa chili crock-pot recipe for a cold(ish) day in Charleston

What were a few of your September highlights? What are you looking forward to this October? Cheers to a (hopefully) sunny Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Those Post Vacation Rainy Monday Blues.

  1. It is always hard to say goodbye. But cherish the moments together as much as possible. Ur life is a dream for other people. I pray soon Ur goodbyes will be less and less ❤

  2. Shea, sounds like a wonderful time that you will remember always. Was Jia the sister-in-law? We visited my son in Folly Beach and took the boat out. We were almost at Kiawah Island. One day I’ll get there. Wishing you the best!

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