July 4th, 7/11, Figs, Kate, Moo!

Happiest Friday! I missed last week’s Friday Fav Five because I was soaking up the 4th festivities with Michael [insert dreamy sigh :)] and family!

1. 4th of July weekend fun at the baseball game! (I might have painted the girls nails at the game…)unnamed-4

2. It’s July 11th! 7/11…meaning if you bee-bop on over to a 7-Eleven, you can enjoy a free slurpee! (p.s. Did you know the convenience store was once named Tote’m but was changed to 7-Eleven to reflect the stores hours, opening at 7am and closing at 11pm?)

3. FIGS are back in season and are stocked at the grocery store. THANK GOD! Here’s one of my favorite fig recipes.


4. My summer roommate Kate (from last summer) is BACK to live in Charleston…and LIVING WITH ME! My heart is so happy!


5. Get a FREE Chickfila MEAL (main/side/drink) today because it’s Cow Appreciation Day! Am I going to dress up like a cow? Yes. You can too! Find out the details about it here and get your free cow starter kit here.

Circa July 2013!

Circa July 2013!

Happy Weekend!



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