26: Trips, Food, & Love

I’m going to make a bold statement: Age 26 was the best year of my life thus far. I mean…it was epic.

26 was a year of continuing to become the person I’ve always wanted to be. There were a lot of disappointments, but some incredible lessons in love. I’m learning daily how to clumsily love better, both God and others…and trying to receive daily grace and love from God and others. It’s been a beautiful year and I am eager to see what 27 will bring. I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of change and growth. I truly believe the years are just getting better and sweeter!

A few highlights from being 26:

1. I shredded some “extra Shea” through Advocare and being really passionate about exercise and the science of food intake working for the body.

2. On my 26th Birthday, I started Pure Barre took a total of 210 classes within one year! Lift, Tone, Burn, baby!


3. I could eat raw foods, salads, veggies, and protein alllllll day long but have had a slight obsession with bourbon pecan pie, french toast, and TCBY Fro-Yo this year.



4. I went to my first (and probably last) night club in Miami, FL. I think I had the gist of it within 30 seconds!


5. My family and I took a mountain side vacation together to Lake Lure, NC




6. I celebrated my one year Charleston anniversary with lots of friends and food


7. Ice and snow shut down Charleston for a couple of days!


8. Helen and I went skiing for the first time for one of our girls’ weekends!


9. Stephanie and I ventured to the other side of the world to Bali, Indonesia and had some incredible experiences!


10. Saving the best highlight for last… being reunited with my high school sweetheart, Michael! We dated 10 years ago and after a lot of growing up for the both of us, I am so grateful to call him both best friend and boyfriend.

1625630_10201720682290211_4899466001597001571_nCheers to another year ahead!



4 thoughts on “26: Trips, Food, & Love

  1. You and Michael look like babies in your prom pic, but you summed it up perfectly. You’ve both grown into people of grace and wisdom, and it shows in your style and substance! May the growing continue for us all

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