May, My Birthday Month, and Clear Expectations.

Hi All! It’s May…MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Aka the most wonderful time of the year!


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I have learned a couple of valuable lessons these past 26 years. The first lesson: one key to happiness is to have low expectations to be pleasantly surprised when your expectations are succeeded. Or you can go the other route… the second (and more important lesson): have high expectations and be very clear and blunt about those expectations by communicating…clearly.

I want to clearly express my high expectations of my birthday this upcoming Monday, May 5, 2014:

1. Write me sweet things. Tell me how much you love me and what I mean to you. I realize this is no small request for some of you who don’t express freely what you think or feel…but It’s my day.

2. FaceTime or call me (if you have my number). If I happen to “accidentally” ignore the call—don’t worry, I will clear plenty of voicemail space for you to tell me how much you love me and what I mean to you (reference #1 again). I’ll hit “keep forever” so I can replay the 364 other days of the year and call you right back. If I “pretend” that I didn’t listen to the voicemail yet, go ahead and just repeat what you said on the voicemail. It will be music to my ears—almost like singing “Happy Birthday.”

3. No need to sing to me said Happy Birthday song. Things get awkward around the second “to you” when you take it up an octave. (Unless you are my nieces…then Ambie & Elena, I expect you to sing your little hearts out!)

4. I expect perfect weather, full of sunshine and chirping birds.

5. Accepting frozen yogurt coupons & gift cards to TCBY or Sweet Frog.

I think that pretty much sums it up. If you need any clarification, let me know. Until Cinco de Mayo…

HAPPY Weeeeeeeeekend!

Xo- Shea, the soon to be birthday girl.


3 thoughts on “May, My Birthday Month, and Clear Expectations.

  1. I had decided I was definitely going to call you and sing and crushed when I saw that wasn’t acceptable! HA!!! You are the best!!!

    • Ha! I was just talking to my receptionist about you when I saw a new blog! I hadn’t heard anything since your trip so I was wondering if you were recuperating, having a relapse, or just busy. We were talking about tattoos. Did you ever get one? 😦 . Also, happy birthday in advance. I can’t sing so you needn’t worry about that. I can dance but its hard to do that on the phone or computer. You can watch flash dancing on You Tube and pretend I’m the guy in the front. Happy Birthday Baby!! Wishing you the best and cont. to strive for excellence and don’t settle for second best. You can do and be anything you want to, just work at it forever

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