When Circumstances are Less Than Ideal, Even in Bali

Day 8 March 27

Is it fair to complain on vacation or whine about something(s) so insignificant in a beautiful country?

Like waking up sweating because the air just doesn’t get cold.

Or going to order breakfast to have it sent back to the room…but then waiting an hour to realize it isn’t coming.

And that time I sat on the back-patio couch and Steph tried to open the door of our room…to realize that wasn’t our room.

Or the biggest wasp of the world trying to make a new home in our (actual) room.

And then going into the “town” of Candidasa to realize we could walk and explore the street within five minutes…with sweat rolling down our backs.

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 9.58.43 PM


When the only thing to do in town is look at the different foods...

When the only thing to do in town is look at the different foods…

Or getting a $10 massage and wondering, “When did they change this sheet last? What’s that smell? Why are they talking the entire time?”

Even in “paradise”, I can still find things to complain about. The truth is, Bali is wonderful—but it’s not perfect.

And even more so, I’m a very imperfect person wanting perfection—for myself, from others, from the place I’m in. What horrible and unrealistic expectations!

We’re on day 8 of our trip with only few days left. Steph and I just had “one of those days”. We are to-do list people. Go-getters. Routines, schedules, and order fit us. Today we felt the itch of needing structure. I’m trying to push past that need and breathe in and breathe out.

Once we got back to the resort and relaxed poolside, we could feel the peace starting to return. There was a 5:00 yoga class overlooking the Indian Ocean that we participated in. That helped with our anxious itch. The sunset was just the refresher we needed. Oh, and it was the first time Steph and I had ever put our toes in the Indian Ocean–that was fun!

photo 5

photo 4

I miss my daily workouts and eating my salads. I miss having a daily clean Nalgene bottle. Little white stray Eleanor hairs have disappeared from my clothes—I miss my fur child. (Oh…miss you too, Mom!).

Missing is good. It reminds me that there are people and things that I love and appreciate back home. But until then, I’ll tell myself to breathe in and breathe out and to soak it up because even when circumstances are less than ideal, they shouldn’t have the power to steal my peace.

photo 1

photo 2

A good lesson learned in Bali.


2 thoughts on “When Circumstances are Less Than Ideal, Even in Bali

  1. Quite a refreshing blog. I was wondering if this wasn’t surreal but now am glad to know Paradise (this side of heaven) is a Garden of Eden with Poison Ivy. Beautiful earth, Beautiful planet, Beautiful creation.
    I will be heading to Charleston this Thursday to run the Cooper Bridge 10k. I will be thinking of a friend I never met.
    Another quarter of Paradise, Charleston, SC.

  2. Every paradise has its parasites. Just a reminder that true paradise awaits us one day. Praying traveling mercies for your safe return home. Love you.

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