Pure Relaxation, Bali Style.

Day 6 March 27

Remember how I told you we arrived at our second resort at night and that I was an eager beaver to see the setting?

Oh. My. Word.

This picture, folks, was taken on our back patio.


And then fresh fruit for breakfast—wow. Dragon fruit has become a new favorite!

photoAnd like I mentioned in yesterday’s post…there’s a sincere hope you wouldn’t get board reading about poolside adventures.

Like Steph ordering poolside. It looks second nature to her, right?


Mmmmhmmm…come to momma.

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 9.12.43 PM

The temperature was perfect. Every time a breeze would come, it felt like a sweet kiss from the heavens!

Unless we were in the direct sun, the only things sweating were our water cups. I heard NY just had another snow spell…


It was a day of bliss and relaxation. I finally finished a book I’ve been reading called Love Does by Bob Goff. This book goes down in my top 5 books I’ve read. (Yes, that’s a plug that you should get it!).

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 9.10.57 PM

One of my favorite quotes I keep thinking about talks about love.

Goff says, “The Bible said the only weapon any of us really have is love. But it’s love like a sword without a handle and because of that, sometimes we’ll get cut when we pick it up. It’s supposed to be close contact, though. Love always is that way. I don’t think Bible verses were meant to be thrown like grenades at each other. They were meant for us to use to point each other toward love and grace and invite us into something much bigger.”

Love is like a sword without a handle. Sometimes we pick it up and get cut. But it’s the only weapon we have.

I’m so appreciative of these days in Bali. Steph and I keep saying how needed they were for the both of us—yet we are equally looking forward to returning to our routines, our jobs, and our people.

Going on vacation is supposed to fill your cup—restore your entire being. But in the end, it’s not just about me being full of zen and relaxation, it’s for the sake of others too! I’m sure you can agree…the more at peace you are with yourself, the more at peace you are with others.

I think love is the same way: Being filled up with love from a good God in order to pour out that love to others.

Breathe in God, exhale self.

Breathe in the world, exhale love.

Our poolside (overlooking the ocean) day ended with a pretty incredible sunset. (Photo credit to Steph!)


Luvah and I attempted a workout and within 10 seconds of the DVD I brought, Steph said, “Imma let you do this!” And another 10 seconds later, homegirl is eating a powerbar as I sweat it out! I got a good laugh from that one!

The day ended with some baked mahi mahi and seafood fettuccini. You’d think after a relaxing day we would have had plenty of energy to do something fun after dinner, but by 8:45pm, we were both in bed and praying the lizard in the room would decide to leave on its own accord!


3 thoughts on “Pure Relaxation, Bali Style.

  1. I read the same book while in the Bahamas. Loved it. The weather in Harbor Island was perfect enough to leave the doors open, until I noticed how many lizards were trying to get in. Fly home Birdie!

  2. I’ll try to remember, “Breathe in God, exhale self” Good quote.
    I feel like I’m there. Thanks for the posts. Exciting, always looking for the next one.
    Are you safe?

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