A Girl’s Heaven: Shopping, Eating, Spas, & Yoga in Bali

Day 5 March 25

The day started off a little like this…

Pic 1

And a little of that…


With a whole lotta shopping, eating, and spa treatments!

We went into town to explore some other areas we’ve never been to. Starbucks and gelato happened right away to eat as we went store to store. There just so happened to be a cremation ceremony happening today that gave us a little entertainment. Imagine a parade!

We moseyed to a restaurant called Down to Earth (yes, you guessed it! another raw/vegan/vegetarian café!) and I think I’ve had my favorite meal thus far!

-Fresh coconut to drink

-beet/fennel/pear salad

-rice spring wraps

-annnd I finished off Steph’s quiona salad that was the best mix I’ve ever put into my mouth! I’m going to dedicate an entire post to that recipe!

This pic is for you, Deborah!

This pic is for you, Deborah!

Those rice wraps. GOREGOUS right!?

For the daily spa treatment, Stephanie chose to get a honey cucumber facial. I had to get something from my purse and noticed she must have really felt relaxed because she was in a deep sleep letting that mask dry!


Steph Spa(Yes, she did give me permission to post!)

I chose a milk cream deep treatment for my hair and the Angel (massage therapist) massaged my scalp/hair/neck. At one point I thought I would accidentally propose to the girl because it was that good. Afterwards, we found common ground in our long hair and she gave me a pretty little braid before going to yoga.

hair twins

I had read before the trip to take a class at the Yoga Barn. I’m so glad we did because it was an incredible setting to get our zen on. We chose a restorative 6pm class as the sun was setting. Taking a yoga class…in Bali…in an open air studio…I mean come on! The class itself was pretty good. We held “relaxing” positions for ten minutes…each. It was actually pretty difficult to fully relax and not focus on my wandering thoughts that went a little like this: move the leg here…no go back, breathe in deeply, hmmm where will dinner be tonight, exhale fully, that quinoa lunch though…stop holding your breath, ok move the leg back…


Perhaps the best “take away” from the class was what the instructor said about those wandering thoughts. She said, “Thoughts come and go. Don’t be harsh on yourself for simply thinking. Just drop them and come back to focusing on your breath.” Then she went on to say, “Sometimes the hardest part of yoga, meditation, and life in general is simply getting out of the way of your self.”


Is that so true? I’m usually the one who is telling myself negative things or too hard on myself. I really just need to get out of the way of my own self. “Breathe it all in, love it all out…”

The day ended at a restaurant called Kafe where we took our shoes off and ate some more healthy eats. Duh. A great day if you ask me!



One thought on “A Girl’s Heaven: Shopping, Eating, Spas, & Yoga in Bali

  1. Everything looks amazing. Oh the food, I think it looks so healthy and fresh. Do get the recipe for the salad and post for us. Great photos. Have a great rest of your trip!

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