Day 4 in Bali: Infinity Pool Reflections, a Fortune in Love, and Naked Body Scubs

March 24

I was a bright-eyed and frizzy-haired at 5:30am with no hope of falling back asleep. I put on some running clothes and started my workout for the next hour and a half. I ran the length of the resort’s entrance a couple of times and had this view to marvel. Add in a few dogs, a row of ducks, and the rooster calls…I was a happy girl bird to get in a good sweat in such a gorgeous part of the world! Steph (also known as Luvah) was still asleep, so I finished up my workout with the Pure Barre DVD I brought to lift tone and burn in Bali.


I busted out the bikini for the first time this year and grabbed my computer for some bloggin’ over a juice mixed with ginger, tumeric, coconut, and a whole bunch of other spices for health. Pure bliss to this Monday morning!

Steph had a solid three extra hours of sleep than I but met me just in time to try everything on the daily-changing menu. We were eager to lounge poolside for a couple of hours and swim in the infinity pool overlooking the valley. What’d you do Monday morning?


I know, not nice. Sorry. Kinda.

We made our way into the center of Ubud to eat some lunch. We kept reading about Bali Buddah, another healthy café with lots of raw foods, refreshing juices and smoothies, and the like. Luvah did a huge Greek salad with a “cleansing drink” that had dragon fruit, ginger, and mint. I ordered a spirulina drink, papaya salad, fresh spring rolls and pineapple goji energy ball. Excuse me, I’m about to resort to the maturity level of a 4th grader…


Ok, whew, got the giggles there.

After lunch we went to find Wayan, a traditional Balinese medicine woman and healer. She’s the same woman Elizabeth Gilbert went to see in Eat, Pray, Love—and played herself in the movie, too! We really went for the sake of meeting her but within two minutes in her shop, she diagnosed Steph’s health concerns to a T. In fact, she went pretty detailed with her body composition and was able to form an accurate diagnoses according to Steph! Wayan talked about things in our lives such as health and ailments, memory and energy, our current jobs, and ahhh…yes…love.

Without giving too much of this personal experience away (‘cuz some things ya just gotta keep to yourself!), Wayan knew exactly how many boyfriends I’ve had in the past and could tell me down to the number of months or years I was with each one. The question that followed from her next about made me fall from the chair out of shock. She asked, “Which one…

Ok, sorry. That’s where we’re going to have to end! Let’s just say I’m still in awe of that question. Hate to leave you cliff hangin’ but I can barely formulate the thoughts around the experience, much less the words. It was an unforgettable encounter and I have a feeling I’ll come back to this memeory in years to come.


Our daily spa treatment “splurge” of $10 was a new one for the both of us: a full-hour body massage and scrub! I could probably write an entire post about this adventure alone becauseit was that…special.

Luvah and I were placed in the same room and were handed these black-oversized-shower-cap-like-cloth-undies to cover. And that was all. We had two ladies “caress” our muscles and at midpoint told us to flip.

(Shea) “Um. Excuse me… can you hand me that extremely small piece of fabric to cover the girls? No? ok.”

Probably two minutes of being on my back, I got the chuckles imagining how ridiculous this scenario looks.

Next came the scrub grit. Steph received a “seaweed” treatment and I chose the “green tea” scrub. After about five minutes of what made me feel like a raw piece of meat being well seasoned, the ladies stood in corner to wait a few minutes to let it dry. Juuuuust stood there. Slient. Stephanie and I were both peeking through our “closed” eyes to see what the heck was happening.

Insert another fit of held-back laughs on my behalf!

The “treatment” was (finally) over and we were directed to the “shower area” to rinse off the scrubs. Let’s just say there was a little too much grit a little too close to areas that should be avoided at all costs.

Overall, it wasn’t my personal favorite massage, though Luvah said she was ready to get a scrub every week once back in New York! Go for it girl…go get your grit on.

qa8127rasydpOur day ended at Clear Café again. We loved our dinner last night so much that we had to eat there once more. We chatted about our time with Wayan, laughed over the scrub treatment, and ate our dinners of “raw pizza” and salad (mine), and tuna burger with a salad (Steph’s). For dessert, Luvah ordered a chocolate shake made with cashew milk and I opted to grab some gelato down the street. We both agreed today was by far our favorite day filled with some great memories!



3 thoughts on “Day 4 in Bali: Infinity Pool Reflections, a Fortune in Love, and Naked Body Scubs

  1. I’m loving these!!! I can’t wait to read about each day. I was a little sad when I went to sleep last night and it wasn’t out yet. 🙂 So glad y’all are having such a blast!!!!!

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