Day 1-3ish. Bali!

Day 1-3 March 20-March 22

The journey started on Thursday afternoon around 3pm. Total travel time in hours equals 34.5*. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad. There were many rolls of bread consumed (airplane food!), an ambien popped, and a few movies watched. I remember waking up at one point with my left hand, right leg, and bootyall sleep and thought to myself, “If there was an emergency exit this very moment, I’d be SOL!”

But alas, we made it to the beautiful Bali! When Steph and I saw our names printed on the sign for our hotel transfer, we felt like royalty. (That is until we were told we had another 1.5-2 hour car ride to the resort…)

We are pretty much in awe of our hotel. It is seriously GORGEOUS.


After checking in, we were pretty determined to go into the center of Ubud and find a place for deep tissue massages. Within an hour, we were on massage tables giving our aches and pains a come to Jesus moment. Perhaps that was the best massage I’ve ever had—or at least one of my better life-decisions to get a massage right after that kind of travel.

Maybe the best part about it—it was 7 bucks.

We walked around town a bit and came back to the resort. After not sleeping in a bed since Wednesday night—and here it is Saturday—we are ready for lala land.

*6 hour travel time between Charleston & NY

7 hours to Germany

3 hour layover in Frankfurt

12 hour flight to Singapore

2 hour layover in Singapore

3 hour flight to Bali

1.5 hour drive to Ubud

=34.5 hours of travel time!


3 thoughts on “Day 1-3ish. Bali!

  1. I cannot imagine a plane ride lasting that long. Thank goodness you are still young enough to endure. Have a blast, be safe and just soak it all in. You have so many stories to tell you children one day.

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