…That Time We Went to Ireland.


Happy St. Patty’s Day! It’s cold, rainy, & gloomy. It reminds me of that time we went to Ireland! It was the last day of our five week backpacking adventure and we were delirious and loopy. I remember our tour guide saying, “Now that you have come to Ireland for the first time, you will come back another two visits. Anyone who comes to Ireland always visits at least three times.” I’d happily oblige to that prophecy.


But until then– I’m wearing mint-colored pants today and have decided to introduce myself as “O’Shea” to anyone new I meet.


Ahhh, reminiscing this trip to Ireland beckons a new adventure across the globe. What a great week for just that! More later. XO!

Top of the Hat to Ya!


3 thoughts on “…That Time We Went to Ireland.

  1. Great pics O’Shea. Never been there but would love to visit some time. Consider reading Princes of Ireland by Rutherfurd. Top o’ the mornin!

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