Currently Edition!

Eating: lots of greens topped with these barbacoa tacos, this turkey burger, and my new favorite breakfast / snack: cinnamon rolls topped with a teaspoon of Trader Joe’s creamed honey.

Reading: Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila and Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Listening: Banks’ EP “London”, Joseph’s album “Native Dreamer Kin”, and podcasts from Mosaic (specifically their Match series done in August 2013).

Drinking: Lakewood’s Pure Orange Juice. YUM.

Feeling: energetic!

Wanting: a new tattoo… 😉

Challenging: Pure Barre 20 days in a row!

Needing: Another meal from Brown Dog Deli…that place is incredible!

Watching: Scandal, Grey’s, New Girl, Modern Family, Resurrection

Praying: that Lent would be an incredible season of going deeper

Thinking: about the concept of sewing & reaping, pruning and harvesting for new growth

Craving: cheeseburger pizza or buffalo chicken pizza…so pizza?

Planning: to travel across the world in 1 week!!!

Missing: my summer roommate, Kate! Come home!

Enjoying: Day light savings!

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