An Open Letter to My Future Self

Read this when day light savings time ends in November and you must set the clocks back one hour.

Dear Shea,

This is a letter of survival. You’re writing this letter to yourself to tell say that it is going to be okay. The darkness will not swallow you. You will not fall far into a dark oblivion. You will make it out alive, because you are a survivor!


Every fiber of your being is tantrum right now, isn’t it? You’ve probably already self-diagnosed yourself with S.A.D., looked above at the dark 5 o’clock sky and thrown your fist in the air to curse the darkness. Shea, stop being so melodramatic…you are SOOOOOO predictable. Before you crawl under your heat blanket and cry tears of dark vanished sunlight, you need to remember last winter.

First, you perfected house skiing! It’s time to bust out your fuzzy socks and cultivate a new indoor sock hobby: sock skating. Practice that triple turn-this is your season to nail it! It’s time to pull out your “winter candles”. You really do love how the candles give just the right ambience at night.

Buffalo chicken soup will be “warmly” welcomed on cold nights. Yes, you wanted to go to bed at 6:45pm this time last year but let me remind you… that you, Champion, could hold off the call of your bed until 8pm. Fear not, you’ll find things to do in between dinner and bed.

A note about things to-do… Shea, you are going to think that you can still go out in the dark to bike or run. You can’t. You fell last year and you’ll probably fall again. Yes darling, you will kick and scream and it will take you probably four months to accept that it is dark after dinner… but there will be an ounce of gratitude in your heart that the pressure to carpe diem ‘dat sunlight is out of your control. Just take a deep breath and take a slower pace. So cozy up honey child with your Real Simple magazine, drink some hot tea, and light a freaking candle. It’s gunna be alright. The winter won’t be as dreadful as you think.

Love you, mean it!

Yours truly, Shea

P.S. I think you’re amazing!


4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Future Self

  1. Interesting comments. I must be honest and find it a bit odd. Why now? There must be some underlying motive, issue, event, or purpose. What could it be?
    I’m ecstatic with the sunshine and warmth. I don’t even want to think about the cold , darkness and short days. It makes me depressed even thinking about it. I want to play everyday this summer until its over. I don’t want to stop. I want to run, boat, work in the yard, drive and swim and sleep in the summer weather. It’s over when it’s over!
    Not one minute earlier.
    PS, with global warming, maybe winter will skip this year. 🙂

    • Hi Steve! I wanted to write this teasing letter to myself now before I’m so deep in the warm summer air and have long forgotten that I can actually survive the cold, dark nights of winter!

  2. Good letter, Shea…. I have, in my old age, begun to see the beauty of the naked trees in winter…to enjoy their unadorned shapes. Yes, I miss the sun, but…. Hope you are well on this first day after the “fall back”…. Happy Winter months….

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