Slow Saturdays

nourished with orange steal cut oats and chia blackberry sauce.

Water fills my cup—

candlelight flickers and dances to the melodies of Ben Howard.

Henri Nouwen speaks as though he’s inside my thoughts.

The game of Hide and Seek is played with

The Creator and I—

I am found.

Old dreams stir and I hush them back to

sleep for just a little

awhile longer.

My thoughts wander to loving people lavishly

and inviting sacred friends over for Sunday

night dinner: Chipotle Barbacoa Tacos.

Cloudy, cold, rainy, snuggly,

I spy flowers blooming.

A new month.

A trip across the world.

A 20 day challenge.

An invitation to hear

God’s voice.

I lean in and exhale back.

I stay open and vulnerable

knowing  I’m highly sensitive to others’ approval.

I’ll stay true to myself.

Precious is this life I live.

New roots go deeper,

my hands go higher.

My swelling soul says



2 thoughts on “Yes

  1. Such beautiful thoughts Shea! And by the way one of my favorite singers is Ben Howard and Only Love!!! It really makes me get up & dance. You should be a fly on my wall 🙂

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