Winter Wishes GRANTED!

Snow is coming to Charleston! SNOW! IN CHARLESTON! Maybe it was my last post on winter wishes that have changed the winds…or my deepest prayers to the good Lord above for snow, but I’m doing my snow dance tonight in fuzzy socks. My office closed today at noon for precautions and has closed already for tomorrow. A snowday…and getting paid for it? I will take it!

And considering I have already deep cleaned my house, done all of the laundry, and have plenty of food to eat from my cooking blitz this past weekend, I AM SET TO RELAX!

“Plans” include:

  • -sleeping in (let’s hope my inner alarm clock can sleep past 7:30!)
  • -pancakes. No, French Toast. Sometime perfect for a slow morning!
  • -snacking on my homemade fruit leather, zucchini/squash/beet chips, and beef jerky


  • -DVR shows while thumbing Real Simple magazine, carefully because I’ll finally have time to paint my nails
  • Pinteresting (duh)
  • -wondering how I can incorporate some of these brilliant ideas into my future house
  • -doing some form of a in-home workout (…maybe)
  • -keeping my lights lit for that cozy feeling


  • reading watching a movie or two
  • -frequent phone chats & texts with mom checking the “status” of snow
  • -snuggles with this girl, obviously


I’m giddy for this snow day! Are you lucky enough to have a paid snow day tomorrow? What are your plans?


2 thoughts on “Winter Wishes GRANTED!

  1. I am pulling put my old Jane Fonda work out video, cooking a Shepard ‘s pie, making some homemade humus, bison stroganoff, cleaning the house and getting ready for my out of town guests. We got about 3 inches and it is very powerdery! Wish we were together. Love you.

  2. How do you make your dehydrated snacks? I have a dehydrater that has been collecting dust for 10 years in the cabinet above the refrigerator (the one that’s nearly impossible to get to).

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