Winter Wishes.

I’m jealous. I’m jealous that 75% of my Facebook newsfeed has to do with pretty snow falling in Virginia. And I’m here…in (beautiful) (sunny) (warm-er) Charleston…just living by the ocean. OK–I guess this is the tradeoff, but I must say, I do miss a good snow day. I’m making up for it now by scrolling through Pinterest for some snowy inspiration. And to all my friends in Richmond snuggled up by fires watching the snow fall, build me a snowman tomorrow, yes?




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4 thoughts on “Winter Wishes.

  1. Love the upside down snowman! I will build you one of those today on my lunch break. Daddy is making me go into work with him. He always ruins my snow day! 😦

    • Pretty weather but power out when I woke up. Cancelled my office this morning and went out on my own. Average speed was 35 mph there and 45 mph back since ice melted. Ave. temp now is 25 degrees.
      Is this NC? Gotta move south! Count your blessings!!!!

  2. I’d be quite happy to trade you our (un)-beautiful Princeton weather in a heart beat. It’s a lovely 12 degrees out……….

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