This Weekend and the Rest of 2014.

Happy Sunday Funday!

Have you had a good weekend so far? I’ve been a busy bird around the house Nest all weekend. I’ve made this healthy Thai salad (it’s amazing!) and Asian soup, whole-wheat garlic & herb beer bread, white chicken quinoa chili, roasted walnut banana bread (yuuuummmmmy), and steal cut apple oatmeal. And currently, my house smells like I’m in suffocating in a (low-sodium) teriyaki bottle because I’m putting to good use my Christmas present: Exalibur Dehydrator! Mmmmhmmm…homemade beef jerky, anyone? (Don’t answer that—I have no plans to mail out jerky to readers ;)…) What can I say? I was in a cooking mood! All of my meals are completely covered for the next week, and then some…


And if the apocalypse dawns or another polar vortex swoops, you can find me under the covers eating beef jerky.

I promise I have other weekend plans other than cooking and washing dishes running the dishwasher. Afternoon tea & that homemade banana nut bread with a friend, then off to see a movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I hear it’s a great story. Have you seen it yet?

How has the beginning of 2014 been for y’all? I’ve felt so much energy and excitement for a New Year and new resolutions. Yep, I’m a total resolution junkie!

A few “self” resolutions of mine include:

  • 1. Listening to more TED talks
  • 2. Sending more hand-written letters to folks
  • 3. Writing more for self & Bird’s Nest

For the things that I get paid for, my goals are to:

  • 1. Come up with new Zumba songs & dances to keep things refreshing
  • 2. Focus consistently on my personal business by consistently working with a client
  • 3. Be excellent in my day job with Hospice by using creativity and discipline to provide passionate care to volunteers, caregivers, patients, and my co-workers

Random To-Do’s for the New Year entail:

  • 1. Joining the local library
  • 2. Go on a police ride along
  • 3. Revamp Bird’s Nest for a new look

Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 1.34.05 PM

I already have a few events already planned that I am SO excited about:

  • 1. Going to visit The Biltmore for the first time
  • 2. Seeing Justin Timberlake in concert
  • 3. Flying across the world to Bali, Indonesia!

But if lose momentum. If I get that library card and forget to use it. If I spend too much time on Pinterest instead of writing. If I decide to take a nap over listening to a TED talk—

my resolution is to continue to love: to love God, others, and myself well. To be fully present in every single adventure and discovery. To put my phone down more. To receive grace and offer grace. To have more Eleanor snuggles. To eat more frozen yogurt. To guard my heart while remaining vulnerable. To fill my cup until it overflows into yours.

So cheers to a New Year! May it be filled with adventure, health, peace, happiness, boldness, and most of all, love.



One thought on “This Weekend and the Rest of 2014.

  1. Those recipes are amazing! Can’t wait to give a try especially the breads! Me being such a carb a holic. Your highlights of things to look forward to sound great. Biltmore is every girls fantasy castle. Bali, fantasy vacation. Justin T. Sorry I don’t get the attraction. Generation gap I guess. Walter Mitty, loved it!! Ben Stiler did a stellar 🙂 acting/directing. Such a feel good movie.
    Highly recommend a few others too; The Book Thief, Saving Mr. Banks.

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