TGIF! Am I right?! TGIF friends!

How’s everyone doing out there? Are you still trying to adjust to the time change like I am? The past three nights I’ve been ready for bed by 8:30pm. No lie. To keep myself from falling asleep at said time, I’ve been finessing my house skiing performances in fuzzy socks on the wood floors. Lie. KINDA.

Back to TGIF: Friday nights, popcorn, and two hours of the best TV shows lined up. It was every 80s & 90s kid ideal night. Since it’s FRIDAY, I thought I’d share some TGIF night blast-from-the-pasts coming to present day. EEEKKKK!:


Cory & Topanga have had a girl and are coming out with Girl Meets World! The fact that Cory & Topanga are in the show is enough reason for me to watch.

Speaking of endearing TV series…

A new Full House series! I fondly remember Tuesday nights as a four year old. We’d eat Ramen Noodles Oodles of Noodles, bolognoa sandwiches, and munch on some popcorn as we watched the new Full House episode. I still love that show! Now they’re coming out with a new spin. I “fully” intend to watch, though no longer with oodles of noodles & bolognoa. Ah to be a kid again and eat mindlessly!

Ready for something else that will make your sparkly eyes go wide and mouth drop? Just watch this.

Finally, for all of my Myers-Briggs nerd friends out there, you’ll appreciate this: What’s Your Animal Personality Type? Whenever I take the test, I always score either ENFJ or INFJ. After reading these animal descriptions, I’m a mix of the wolf & dog. Yep, sounds about right!

Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 10.54.49 AM

Anyone else excited about the new Hunger Games movie out this weekend? I’m planning to go and see it on Saturday! Other weekend plans include trying this batch of cranberry orange steal-cut oats, chowing down on this curry cauliflower chickpea soup that I made in plentiful last night (yum!), and figuring out how to be this “when I grow up”:


What are your weekend plans? What’s your “animal personality?” Any good recipes you want to share?! Finally, what do you want to be… “when you go up?” Comment below!

Happy Friday, yall…and TGIF!


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