Sweeter, Warmer.

I think I have “SAD: seasonal affective disorder.” When the days become shorter and darkness creeps in around 5pm, frankly, I get pissed. By the time I eat dinner, my body is screaming and panicking, “It’s dark outside!…It’s time to  slumber!” I have to say, “Shut up inner bed-time clock, it’s only 6:48pm.”

Normally, I’d go on an after dinner run, bike ride, or walk through the neighborhood park. And though the darkness doesn’t scare me to do those activities…the colder weather makes me want to cry…and curl up on my bed with my DVR, Eleanor, and latest Real Simple magazine under my new heat blanket. (Thanks mom and dad!)

I always forget how long it takes me to let go of long, warm summer days and embrace the new season of cooler temperatures and dark evenings. Apparently I’ve forgotten again this year and it’s playing it’s tricky little ways on me.  A lover of natural light and hater of any light that requires a switch, I ski* throughout the dark house dark with candles lit. Depressing, yeah? At least the house smells good.

*House skiing: when you wear oversized warm fuzzy socks on your feet and have to mimic ski-like-moves throughout the house… lest you misstep or swerve too fast on your hardwood floors and fall flat on your butt/side/face/or all at once. Hence, house skiing.


But there are other things that make dark, cold nights bareable. The little things that make life sweeter…life warmer.

Like this buffalo chicken soup that I am obsessed with.

And  Toasted Coconut Almond Milk that tastes like pure indulgence! (Find at your local Whole Foods or Earth Fare.)


Oh, and drinking hot tea like it’s going out of style. (With a splash of mentioned almond milk and a few drops of stevia, wowzers.)

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 7.36.47 AMSunday afternoon walks & bits of autumn.


And friends. Friends near and far just make life plain sweeter.

I keep saying to myself, “Shea, get used to it. Learn to live & do life in the dark!” Hopefully I will. Apparently I’ve gotten used to it for the past 26 years.

How do you adjust to the season of cooler temps and dark evenings? What are the little things in your life that make life sweeter? Life warmer? Do share!


4 thoughts on “Sweeter, Warmer.

  1. Shea, I too ski through the house in my fuzzy socks. I love my gas fireplace and calm music. But most importantly, I get through the winter with VCU season basketball tickets. By the time March Madness gets here, the flowers are blooming again!

  2. S Bird, As a fellow Summer girl I feel your pain!! Feeling blue is no fun. It’s time to make some changes personally, so wanted to share a few ideas I’ve unearthed surfing the net and other folk’s good advice. #1 I’m investing in a full spectrum lamp this year. I’ve included some good articles below on recommended ones.









    pinterest, beautiful winter images (LEST WE FORGET WINTER CAN BE BEAUTIFUL)

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