It’s my half birthday! I’m 26.5. Tomorrow I’ll be closer to 27. Wowzers. At my age, my mom had a baby…me!



I’ve been a little slow with updating this blog…so much so that I still have a document labeled “25” that has a few of my favorite highlights from being that age. Things like moving to a new town simply because I wanted to live in Charleston, finally getting CPR/AED certified, and baking/decorating a friend’s wedding cake. In short, 25 was the hardest, yet most rewarding year of personal growth I’ve had. There…updated on that!

The first 6 months of being 26…well let’s see:

-I challenged myself with 24-days through Advocare & it changed my life & body

-I started working out with Pure Barre, as well as picked up the habit of running

-Travel destinations have included an epic surprise to my friends Jen + Ronnie in Pennsylvania, a weekend getaway in Miami, a weeks vacation with my family at Lake Lure, NC, a weekend in Richmond, and a weekend in Winston-Salem, NC.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.16.35 PM




-Seeing The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons in concert

-Charleston visits from Carolyn, Christina + Filomena, Helen, Amy and Mallory


-A slight obsession with frozen yogurt (where did this come from?)

-Learning how to make French toast (healthy version!)

-Figuring out how to make healthy, “clean” meals that are freeze-worthy and equally delicious reheated.


-Struggling with this whole autumn/winter/it’s-getting-dark-at-5pm-now season…


26 has been great so far. It’s also been hard. I suppose that’s just part of this adulthood thing, right?


Go as in…go to bed. Because it’s 9:30pm and in one hour I plan to be in my 3rd dream! Love to you all!


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