September, whew. It’s October.

I’ve gone to a lot of yoga classes within the past month. A few of them have talked about how our physical bodies bodies, including the soul & mind, absorb the transition of the seasons. We can feel unbalanced, opposing, and well… not fully grounded. Yep. That was my September.

September swept in, stirred me around…slapped me a few…and had me in all kind of sorts. (I know that doesn’t make any sense. But that was September for me…things just didn’t make sense.) I kept wanting summer to last longer. I wasn’t ready for cooler air…I LOVE THE HEAT! I was not ready for darkness to creep earlier. No, I’m still not ready for that.

On top of the “tension in the air” (as my yoga instructor said), things in life have been disheartening and frustrating. But like the weather, things only last for a season.

Some highlights from September include:

A visit from Helen. We tried a new restuarant and seitan. The “meat-like” substance in the wrap. That was interesting…


Friendly furry friends:



A sweet Sunday, starting with healthy pancakes that I ate outside wrapped in a blanket, going to church, phone chats with my family, and ending the day walking & eating on the beach.




Ending the last day of the month with a run, new game-changer shoes (apparently I’ve been running in the wrong shoes for the past 8 months), and the new Justin Timberlake CD.

Eleanor, always Eleanor:


On my run last night, the air was cool and crisp. I felt peaceful and balanced. Perhaps it’s because I’m surrendering to saying good bye to summer, surrendering personal *ish, surrendered to things changing? Or maybe it’s because I love Octobers? Either way, Anne of Green Gables says it perfectly:



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