Cookies & Pancakes for the 4th!

Hey y’all! How was your 4th? My day was filled whipping up a few pinterest experiments. (And going to my second aquatics fitness class of the week…)


First up were these oatmeal (no flour, no sugar) cookies! You read correctly…healthy, guilt free. The main ingredients include overly ripe bananas, old fashioned oats, unsweetened applesauce, and peanut butter! (The recipe calls for reduced fat peanut butter. I used pure peanut butter made from Whole Foods that has no salt or oil added. MUCH healthier option!) Between my roommate and me, these babies lasted two days. In my opinion, they tasted better day one and were a little soft day two. Nonetheless, delicious.


After the cookies were baked, I still had a ripe banana. I mashed it and whipped it with 2 whole eggs. Added a dash of vanilla extract and dash of cinnamon and made pancakes! I topped it with my Walden Farms Blueberry Syrup and fresh blueberries. These “pancakes” made about six rounds. I ate three (150 calories) and was stuffed (plus my two cookies I had before…).


Another pinterest find were these cauliflower pizza bites. I decided it was going to be more work to put each one in a muffin tin so I made it into a flat dough. It was more of a “pintrosity” and tasted horrible.


Two out of three new hit recipes ain’t bad! Happy Weekend!


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