Buy Figs, Eat Figs.

Perhaps I’ve missed my calling. That, or I have a deep love affair with food. (Probably the latter.) I truly believe that food is my love language and y’all, I have

I went to the market and came across figs. I’ve never bought a fig & attempted to cook it, so I was a little intimidated…just like I was with the rhubarb I bought at the market (and sits in my fridge until I get the nerve up to make something wonderful with it). (Suggestions?)

Back to the figs. They were so beautiful. That’s truly the reason why I bought them…so beautiful just sitting there.



So I asked social media what to do with said figs and most of you said eat it raw. Meh, they’re ok like that but I wasn’t too impressed. Until.


Until a candle was lit and the lights turned low…


And the honey was dripped and the figs kissed the grill. And when the goat cheese was crumbled and the aged balsamic was drizzled…and fresh chopped rosemary was sprinkled for good-measure…I.WAS.IN.LOVE.


And that’s my love story with figs.

For your own love affair, buy figs, eat figs.

  • wash figs, remove top stem, and halve them
  • lightly drizzle with honey
  • grill halves (we did open face up) for 5 minutes
  • crumble soft goat cheese
  • drizzle with aged balsamic
  • sprinkle fresh chopped rosemary
  • eat & fall in love

One thought on “Buy Figs, Eat Figs.

  1. I am going to give them another try. I know I will at least enjoy all the toppings that are going on top. Love you my little chef!

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