Wake Me Up.

I’ve been trying to wake up all day. I yawned and groaned all the way through Body Pump class this morning, whimpered on the stair master, begged for energy at lunch, and I’m still groggy…and I got nine hours of sleep last night! It’s just one of those rainy Mondays and I need some inspiration! So I searched Pinterest for all the things I’ve been “dreaming” of and here’s my top five:

1. This place in Bali. Someone take me there ASAP!


2. Perhaps I could sip on this healthy fruit-infused water while sitting in mentioned picture above?


3. Or eat this Asian inspired salad?


4. All the while my nails would be this pretty color?


5. And when I return from Bali I’d come home to this?


So much for dreamin’!

How’s your Monday going so far? Anyone out there still hoping to wake up?!

2 thoughts on “Wake Me Up.

  1. You have just described daily life when you get into your 50’s! Add to it aches and pains that don’t go away and “horromones” that keep you up all night. BTW, this is why I drink coffee! Uplifting blog Bird. Enjoyed it!

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