Monday Inspiration

Good Monday Morning!

How was the weekend? I had a blast with my college roomie Helen, as we ate REALLY good food, walked A LOT, and laughed even more. Pics to come!

I’m sipping on some green tea that starts a 3 day cleanse. Dear Lord help me. You should see how many fruits and veggies I’m going to be juicing over the next 72 hours. Pray for me people!

(In case you want to do the cleanse with me, here is the 3 day plan)


Now for some Monday Inspiration in case you feel like you want to crawl up into a “moody couch“.








42b7307a09c7cb6c2a1695c3418fb243Have a beautiful week : )





One thought on “Monday Inspiration

  1. Whoa Nellie!! Those drinks look incredible. Have never done a cleanse thinking it’s too much deprivation, how lazy am I? Think I just might give it a try. Your “beauty” photos are stunning! When I get to heaven, I want an all white room like that with a few touches of Robin’s egg Blue accessories 🙂
    In heaven there will be no dirt.

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