Guest Room Revealed!


What’s going on this weekend? For me, my college roomie Helen is coming to visit!!



So I thought I’d give you a looksy of the guest room in my new place down here in Charleston:

It’s a multifunctional room that includes

  • -makeup sitting area
  • -craft closet (that also has all of my dresses & skirts?)
  • -A wardrobe piece (a FAVORITE piece of furiniture I found at a thrift store!) that holds my jewelry, extra sheets, and workout clothes.)
  • -and most obviously, the guest room that can sleep two people comfortable (two twin beds). (Yes, I’ve had that daybed since I was 7 years old).

Some pics:







_MG_3108My newest lamp from Hobby Lobby that I am obsessed with! In fact, it was my only purchase for this room since I had everything already from my previous home. The lamp is originally $100 but snagged it when the store had a 50% off discount. BOOM!




3 thoughts on “Guest Room Revealed!

  1. Beautiful, soothing colors !! The armoire (sp?) is so lovely ; your lamp find definitely an object d’ art! Done good Shea…I could sleep very peacefully in that room 🙂

  2. I love everything about this room. Everything. If you lived in Kentucky I would hire you to help me decorate my house. If I ever get a house.

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