The time has finally come to announce my JOB! I know, I’ve kept my job stuff hush hush because it’s been too soon to announce until now!

But first, I need to start from the beginning.

I graduated last May with my Master in Divinity! I can’t believe that was NINE months ago. (WHAT?!) I think I am still detoxing from that three year program. Anyway, I had been looking mostly into non-profit positions but kept getting one rejection letter after another (I felt really awesome about myself…nope.) ((God taught me A LOT those months…more to come on that)). After months of pursuing jobs that I wasn’t completely excited about along with the pile of rejection letters, I started to entertain the idea of moving to a new city that I’ve fallen in love with…Charleston.

After my relationship ended and I had no promise of employment in Winston, I started to really consider Charleston.  When I would imagine myself in Charleston, I kept thinking of doing something creative…perhaps events or decorating?

I came to visit last October and literally on the drive down, I was offered a full-time sales position with a company located in Greensboro, NC! I thought, “Oh how timely, just when I start to pursue the mere idea of living at the beach, I get offered a job!” To make that visit even harder…I received TWO more offers of employment with different non-profits in Winston. Whhhhhaaaaa?! That weekend was tough. On one hand, I had three job offers (none of which made me giddy with enthusiasm) and on the other hand, I had this overwhelming desire to live in this city and have a new adventure.

On the way home to Winston, I called each job offer and politely refused, sealing my decision to move to Charleston. I was thrilled but mostly terrified!

Then came the fun part…

I had been flirting around with the idea to merge all of my passions into one job. Passions like decorating and design…planning events…organizing  everything….creating anything…building relationships…having a job that isn’t repetitive…something that allowed me little desk work unless it had to do with Pinterest.

Know of a job that has all of those? Yeah, I didn’t either. So this quote kept going through my head and everytime I would imagine myself at one of the jobs I could have worked or applied for…I kept seeing this quote. Over and over. It haunted me.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 10.35.06 PM

So I decided to start imagining and start living it. Yep! I’VE STARTED MY OWN BUSINESS! I suppose my thought was, “I refuse to work a job I won’t enjoy, mostly considering we spend the majority of our time & lives working…so I won’t trade my life for a ‘paycheck’ unless I’m doing something I absolutely love…and so far I haven’t found a job that allows me all of above said passions…so I’ll create it myself.”

Enter the idea of Shabby Shea Creations!


Basically, I’m a sole proprietor and I call myself a “personal creative concierge.” If you’re asking, “what the heck is that?” Click here. And if you want to know how I came to such passions, click here (just know I was a strange child). And if you want to know what I offer, click here.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll explain more about it and what I’m up to, but the heart of my business is stated on my website!

Already in Charleston, I’ve had one client who recently completed a kitchen renovation and needed help putting everything in her cabinets. Enter my services where I could come in and make everything flow and look really pretty. For example… I organized her bar/junk drawer. I think it’s pretty glorious if you ask me!


My current client needs help with decorating multiple rooms. I’ve gotten to Pinterest different ideas, send him multiple suggestions (such as headboards, comforters, bookshelf styles) to already making a trip to Lowes to get TEN paint samples! Let’s just say, I am LOVING my job!

I’m obviously still in the start up phase of a business (read TIGHT BUDGET). I’m learning A LOT about business (never thought I’d start a business, much less at 25!), and thanking God for a lot of grace and provision.

Ok ok, this post is already too long but I’m so stinking excited to share! Thanks for your support as I pursue some big dreams!


11 thoughts on “JOB ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

  1. Shea, It has been an absolute pleasure meeting you! To find another Christian young lady in Charleston makes my heart skip a beat. . .especially one starting their own business (news to come on mine!)!

    Should you ever need any help please let me know (I do the whole online and social media marketing) and I’d love to help a sister out! I wish you all the best!

  2. Okay, first off I fill so stalker-ish right now.. Ha! Your story reminds me of myself and my journey to finding the “perfect” job. God have me the name of my business two years ago and two months ago told me not to look for a job, but to pursue my business! Shea, you will
    Do fabulous at this, so pumped for you and this new adventure! Now I will stop stalking you for the day! Ha

  3. Shea B. I can’t think of any better fit for you!! Your creative gifts of beauty, form and function are fulfilling the beautiful scripture verse, “making beauty out of ashes.” God gifted you with seeing the ordinary become extraordinary. You’re doing the brave part of turning the idea in your head & heart, by faith, into an action of service to others. Your clients will be so blessed to work with you with each project! I pray it brings you deep contentment. I can also see you in a personal assistant role to someone that may run a small personal design/decorating consulting company, furniture accessory stores like the shabby chic boutique stores. You work for the most creative boss in the universe and He will guide you on this exciting journey !!

    • You and Shea together running a business I can soo see that!! One of those adorable Shbby Chic boutiques filled with unique fun accessories for the home, cottage style furniture(antiques re painted). There are some adorable ones here in Ca. You must visit me and we’ll go check them out. You and Shea would make a super Mother/daughter team 🙂

  4. Congrats on “coming out” with your job news! So excited for you and your future. Know everything will unfold exactly as it is supposed to….Love JoJo

  5. wow! how exciting! congratulations on your company. Having spent college in Charleston, I’m jealous you get to soak up lowcountry living. I nannyed throughout college and have some wealthy connections who I’m betting would love your services. I’ll send a message out to a few folks:)

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