Christmas 2012.

Hey everyone! Did you have a merry Christmas? I came home to Richmond a few days before the 25th to soak up some R&R. All of December I’ve been packing box after box, getting ready for my move to Charleston! I finally have everything boxed up, with the confirmed realization I have entirely too much STUFF*, including a decorative pillow addiction.

(*Ahem, insert another choice word.)

Christmas around the Hawkins’ house was different this year. Not many decorations up, mostly because mom & dad have been busy with their new bedroom/bathroom renovation plus work, and well, I didn’t have the energy to unpack decorations to repack them within a week.

On Christmas Eve, we spent the night on my Grandparent’s farm in Charlottesville. I love going there every holiday—always warm with family & food! This year was no exception.

Take a look at a few of the highlights:

The glowing Christmas tree I gazed upon on Christmas Eve.


The day was cold and rainy, wishing it were 10 degrees cooler for snow.


We played our traditional gag gift exchange. My cousin rocked this hat!


Peaceful, isn’t it?




A new recipe my grandmother made and I must now recreate!


The ambience of the evening: A tree, a table FULL of food, and the fireplace crackling…on the TV!


It was a beautiful Christmas indeed. Different, but memorable. It doesn’t surprise me that the end of 2012 is wrapping up the way it is—I’m not sure if that even makes sense, but it seems to echo a very different kind of year it’s been. Can’t wait to share the highlights of 2012 with you next post!


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