It’s that time of the year where Facebook status trends have individuals listing what he or she is thankful for, updating day after day. I love it and am annoyed by it at the same time. It’s so important for us to stop and acknowledge the countless blessings we are given. But why only November? Why just today?

I wonder what it would do to our souls, our relationships, and even our debt crisis if we maintained a posture of gratitude daily?

But the point of a holiday…a holy day…is to stop, breathe, and remember all of our blessings. When I reflect on this beautiful life I have the privilege of living, I truly get weepy with thanksgiving.

I’m grateful for eyes to see the beauty of the changing leaves, to watch reality T.V. shows addiction(s) ahem, and the ability to drive myself back and forth to visit family and friends, because they truly make life beautiful.

I’m grateful for strong arms and hands to hold my sweet nieces, create art and capture life’s precious moments through photography, to write posts here on Bird’s Nest, and for fingers to scratch Eleanor’s ears, because that’s her favorite.

I’m grateful for legs that allow me to lead students dancing an hour away in Zumba, for feet to tap the typewriter down the hallway with my mom, and for the hope of a father/daughter dance I’ll have with my dad at my wedding, because if you can’t tell by now, I really adore dancing!

I’m grateful for the 10+ shooting stars I saw over September’s vacation, for the podcasts I’ve listened to that has given me hope for some really dark nights, and for all of the many “no’s” I’ve heard this past 6 months, because without them, I would have been in a job that wasn’t fulfilling or a relationship that wasn’t meant to be.

I’m grateful for the simple, yet profound role gratitude has played in my life the past two years. When fighting depression two years ago, making lists of gratitude gave me perspective that I desperately needed.

For yesterday, today, tomorrow, I am grateful.


2 thoughts on “Grateful.

  1. Well said, Shea…JoJo and my best wishes for today and everyday, for you and your family. Your perseverance and patience will be rewarded, lots of folks rooting for you.

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