In September…

  • -I went to the beach for a week with my family and was kissed by the sun once more. (Remnants of a tan remain… Sigh…but it’s fading daily.)
  • -I welcomed my new niece, Elena Lynn Hawkins into the world on September 19th!
  • -I discovered how good ½ lemonade with ½ sweet tea tastes. Seriously, SO GOOD.
  • -I caught up with some of my closest childhood friends who I met in 1st grade (Jordan), 6th grade (Katie), and 9th grade (Tiffany)!  There is something so comforting about childhood friendships.
  • -I’ve said goodbye to my sweet Div school friends (Kim, Scott, Jeremy, & Sara) as they’ve moved to new states. I hate goodbyes. 😦
  • -I baked & decorated my first wedding cake, which wasn’t a complete disaster!
  • -I saw 10 shooting stars over the course of a few nights outside at the beach. Pure magic I tell ya.
  • -I created a headboard for my new bed. Pics to come sooooooon.
  • -I’ve been jamming out to the long-awaited Mumford & Sons CD.
  • -I’ve learned A LOT this month…

There have been so many moments this past month where I’ve said, “God, what are you doing to me?” Hearing “no” after “no” from potential job employers to relationships…whew…it can take a toll…and it has taken a toll. Based upon circumstances alone, I’ve physically felt nauseated and dizzy countless times when I think of “what’s next in life”. Really, there’ve been some painful times, but I’m becoming so much stronger than I was before. I’ve never leaned upon God more—and truthfully, I do not know how others find hope in dark moments of despair without knowing a loving Creator to hold on to. I am experiencing trust, faith, and belief on so many new levels.

It’s been a crazy journey and September was no easy ride. Truth be told, I’m glad to say goodbye and welcome one of my favorite months of the year. Autumn is officially here (especially since I decorated my house yesterday…) and I have some great things to look forward to…like…

  • -A visit from some college friends this upcoming weekend!
  • -A VT football game 🙂
  • -A trip to my favorite USA city, Charleston, SC!

Love to you all. Thanks for reading my posts. It means the world to me. Happy October!


2 thoughts on “In September…

  1. Praying God continues to bless and grow you! His timing is sometimes hard but you are an amazing woman of God. We recently found that lemonade/tea. YUMMY!

  2. So cute, the pics! Congrats on being a 2x Auntie 🙂 Elena is lovely. Yes, look forward to Autumn( my fav. season too). Take that beautiful drive down Monument Ave. late October (Halloween). Those trees are blazing with fire colors and the Halloween decorations are so fun! Eat a candy or caramel apple, live in the moments knowing Jesus has your back:). Oh, and sing that song from the Broadway Play Annie…the sun will come out tomorrow. Cause it will.

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