Baker Shea: My First Wedding Cake!

A year ago my friend Shannon asked me if I would bake and decorate her wedding cake. I told her, “NO!” mostly because I’ve never done that before and she should probably find someone (a lot) more professional. Her response to me, “Shea, we are the perfect couple for you to do your first wedding cake. All we want is something that tastes delicious and looks equally pretty.”

I still wasn’t sure if I was up for the challenge and heck, PRESSURE of a wedding cake. Oh yeah, and for 250+ people to serve. The feat was no…piece of cake. Ahem.

I agreed. What can I say? I like a challenge!

I made 15+ cups of buttercream icing.

(1/2 bowls of icing!)

I did layers upon layers of chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate chips in between. Hello, chocolate.

I was surprisingly calm the days leading up to the wedding. My only “oops” moment was an egg that took a dive.

That is…until the wedding day.

I arrived at the reception hall 4 hours before the ceremony to layer the cake and decorate it with fresh flowers. (P.S. transporting three tiers of cake was not my favorite thing. Let’s just say I added 50 years to my age and was grandma Shea on the road for 2 miles.)

I started to assemble and decorate and breathed a sigh of, “I-did-it” relief…and then I noticed my masterpiece starting to lean back. I looked behind the cake at the base and saw my bottom tier splitting from the weight of the top two tiers. I about screamed and fainted. I quickly removed the top two tiers (without completely ruining the icing) and saw that an earthquake occurred in the bottom layer.

To my dismay, I apparently did not have enough dowel rods in the bottom tier and the weight was causing my beloved cake to cave in. I still shutter at the thought of leaving my cake at the reception hall to come after the ceremony to find it crumbled. I’m positive that’s what would have happened if I left it.

With some quick resources of a sturdy cardboard tube, the chef helped me measure and cut two huge faux dowel rods to hold the top two tiers.  With a little extra icing, the problem was fixed and everything turned out just how I wanted it.

The cake toper was the emblem on Shannon and Robert’s invitations and programs. The bride made it out of wire! And those flowers came from her mom, who just so happens to be a florist. Talented family I tell ya.

It was a lot of pressure and well, I’m glad it’s over. If you’re sitting there thinking you would be interested in my cake services please contact me at….PPPSSSHHHH! CALL YOUR LOCAL BAKER! Just kidding. Kinda not.

Hope you aren’t too hungry and craving something sweet now. Happy Friday!


7 thoughts on “Baker Shea: My First Wedding Cake!

  1. Awesome job!!! There is nothing that you can’t do when you put your mind to it! Well maybe you can’t keep the Carolina defense out of the Wake backfield this weekend, but other than that!!!

  2. body{font-family: Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:9pt;background-color: #ffffff;color: black;}WordPress.comCongratulations Shea !! Fabulous job, the wedding cake just beautiful.  The bicycle was amazing and flowers perfection.  I can taste the gooey rich chocolate filling with the delicate buttercream frosting.  Wish i could have been a guest 🙂

  3. Beautiful job Bird! Pretty hard lesson to have to learn, but you pulled it off. Love the way you used your pallet knife to make the lines all across the cake. I am proud you took the challenge and had enough confidence to try it. I wish I could have tasted it! Love you.

  4. Most beautiful wedding cake ever!! 🙂 I had no idea that you had that panic moment! I’m so sorry–y’all sure pulled it together!! It was so perfect 🙂 🙂 I’m glad I took a look at what you did in September and then saw this post! What a blessing to have a friend like you!

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