Hello, hello!

Hi friends!

How’s your week been? I’ve been semi-busy for someone who is unemployed. I make myself busy by scheduling workouts, set times to job search, volunteering, babysitting, and teaching Zumba. At least I enjoy doing all of these activities!

Last week was NOT my favorite week. I heard a lot of no’s about potential jobs, a relationship I was in, and my desire to plan my own future. Hearing “no” to anything can make the inner 3-year old cry, pout, and question, “WHY!?” Maybe the purpose of life is to break that inner child and get her to grow the heck up. I suppose when that “yes” comes, it’s going to be sweet. I’m holding on to that.

The weekend was significantly better with seeing some great people in SC followed by a week that has been promising with new opportunities. I can honestly say I’m excited about the future—however that may look! I remember writing in my journal on January 1, 2012 that I wanted to be “comfortable and rest in the unknowing.” I suppose God is trying to teach me to do just that—to continue to trust in a faithful Creator and believe God is always on time. Sigh…

In other news, I’m baking my first wedding cake this weekend! I’m keeping it simple: chocolate cake with buttercream icing. The focus is to taste divine and look pretty. I’ve already made about 15 cups of icing…tomorrow starts the actual baking. I hope I can pull this off! Pics to come.

A few other thoughts…

  •  -I can’t believe September is here…CRAZY.
  • -Jeans, boots, sweaters, scarves, plum Essie nailpolish anyone?!
  • -I’m planning to go to the beach with my parents and soak up the last bit of summer rays.
  • -My second niece will be born in the matter of a few weeks! Does she already know I’m completely in love with her?
  • -I’M NO LONGER A STUDENT! My friends at Wake Div have officially started up classes again and it feels like heaven sitting this one out. Whew.
  • -I’m learning that having a positive attitude and perspective are essential to surviving life. Amen, anyone?
  • Eleanor says hi.


2 thoughts on “Hello, hello!

  1. I love your brain storming insights bird. I know the “no’s” aren’t easy lessons when it concerns what we might want. Remember too that it may not be a final “no” but we’re being asked to wait and trust. All in all these pursuits may or may not be the Lord’s will for us. I’m betting all our disappointments are intended to drive us to the only one who can satisfy our deepest longings of which we continually need reminding. We learn we will not die from a loss, and that indeed Jesus becomes our perfect contentment. Though not with out a lot of wrestling with him 🙂 You are using your gifts and abilities for the good of others right now and though your currency isn’t in dollars, they’re being invested in the future divine plans the Lord has for you and how blessed they will be with your name and date on them ! Hugs, weeza

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