More Musings.

Having “time off”* in between graduation and a full time position has given me a lot of time with myself.

I’ve known these things about myself for some time, but “resting”** between the busyness of my past school and a future job has had me put together a little list. Thought I’d share:

  • -My favorite part of the peach is eating the skin.
  • -I love the 1st of each month–even more so when it’s on a Monday.
  • -I eat leftovers for breakfast nearly every morning.
  • -My least favorite chore: putting away dishes from the dishwasher.
  • -I love watching the movie previews in the theater.
  • -Speaking of movies, I’ve saved every movie stub since I was seven.
  • -It’s the worst when wearing socks and then stepping in something wet on the floor.
  • -I take pride in my handwriting—mostly because it reminds me of my momma’s script.
  • -If only Justin Timberlake would come out with another CD…sigh.
  • -Please don’t ask me to play Putt-Putt….ever.

*a nicer way of saying “unemployed”

**another nice way of saying “unemployed”

What are a few things I don’t know about you?


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