La-La Land.

I’ve always had pretty vivid dreams. Usually, I can wake up and remember at least two of my dreams (with striking detail) that I just had from that previous night. If I can’t recall them as soon as I wake up, I will often remember at least one dream when I lay my head down to sleep that night. It’s crazy how the dream will instantly come back to me almost 14 hours later—but it often happens. A year ago I started writing down my dreams as soon as I woke up, but that only lasted a few months. I’m not sure why I stopped but I think it’s time to start again.

I’ve had some abnormally intense dreams lately. Some of the main images in the different dreams have included my hair being chopped off, being chased in the ocean by a shark, and have even faced my own execution mandated by my very own parents! The Cross has been in my dream, I’ve been lost in a foreign country and fearful of being sold into human trafficking, and caught my friends lying and sneaking around behind my back.

Y’all, all of those dreams happened within one week! I’m utterly exhausted over here! According to oneirology (the study of dreams), dreams can be a place for our subconscious to express its fears, desires, expectations, etc. Particularly in bad dreams, Freud suggested that the brain is trying to gain control over emotions from distressing experiences.

According to some of the main images I’ve seen in my dreams, my subconscious is telling me that I’m in a season of change and transition and nervous for what is coming. Feelings of risk and loss of control are also represented in those different dream symbols. I want to yell at my subconscious, “DUH! No secret there!”

Unemployment is most certainly a distressing experience! I’ve been handling this season of transition pretty well, at least while I’m awake, and have utilized the free time to (obviously) job hunt but also invest in friends, crafts, relationships, travel, and resting. (Clearly I’ve had to take some naps during the day to rest from the previous night’s nightmare!) It seems as though my subconscious is using this new season as a tramping ground in my dreams, and oh me oh my, how it runs wild!

I have a lot of thoughts about current life as a job seeker, but another post will come soon on that. I just find it amazing how our deepest thoughts, fears, frustrations, hopes, anxieties, and possibilities can manifest in our dreams when we are in la-la land.

Do you have vivid dreams? What do you make of them?


One thought on “La-La Land.

  1. More times than I’d like to share, my la-la land turns quickly into a scene right out of a Hollywood horror flick. I could sell the themes and make a pretty penny doing so. Tornados that come out of no where on a beautiful day, a tsunami heading towards my hotel on the 55th floor, men with guns breaking into my home with a credit card, me trying to stab my own Mother while riding on a roller coaster and the world coming to an end with little to no time to call lost loved ones are just a few.
    But the most emotional dream I have ever had was a week ago and Shea appeared to me as a 6 year old, even though we had just finished celebrating her 25th birthday. I was shocked and confused, but then it was whispered by someone in my ear that I had been given a second chance to raise my children. I would be able to see the mistakes that I was going to make and then be able to avoid making them the second time around. I cried so hard and deeply in my sleep over the “gift” that had been given me that it woke me up. For days after I thought about what a wonderful gift it would be to go back in time and avoid certain mistakes, as this dream offered, but then it would make me flawless and no parent is perfect. It would wipe out our need to forgive as well. ( Thank you Shea for forgiving me like you do) Maybe that is why Shea appeared to me when she was 6 because most children believe their parents are perfect at that age. 🙂 One thing is for certain, our love for our children is perfect and forever. Sweet dreams my precious little girl. I love you and thanking God ahead of time for providing you with a wonderful job.

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