An Excursion in Cozumel

Carolyn and I were eating our typical breakfast (sausage, fruit, and a piece of French toast) one morning in Mexico and a man (whom we met earlier in the week) came up to us and handed us a little slip of paper and said in a serious voice, “Go to the pier today at 1:30 and a catamaran called Fury will pick you up.”

At first, we were wondering if we were given the charge to go on Mission Impossible VI and save all of humanity (at least on the island), but the guy ended up telling us in a less dramatic tone that he was giving us a free snorkeling adventure for two people that would take us to two different coral reefs off the coast and then to a private beach that had paddleboards, kayaks, inflatable water slides and water trampolines, hammocks, huts, and a free meal.

At first we were skeptical, wondering why he would just give away this excursion. We took the slip of paper to our new friend Agnes, a travel agent on the resort, and asked her the 411. She told us that this was a very nice day trip and that we were lucky girls! Apparently, the excursion would have costs us about $130 bucks for two people…and we got it…for FREE! Blessed, indeed!

Minus a mishap on the actual date of the excursion, we had a blast snorkeling on the beautiful coast of Cozumel.

The private beach was legit, though I wish we had more time there. The paddleboards were my favorite, once I got the hang of it!

Water trampolines were much harder than we thought they’d be, but they were still a ton of fun!

Perhaps the best part of the excursion was the free meal. (Just kidding—but that potato salad was amazing!) The best part was definitely hanging with Carolyn on the catamaran, giggling at some interesting people aboard! Just take a look at this pic. So many elements here… I just had to share! (Sorry?)

Once we got our giggles out, we did the Cha-Cha slide on the boat as we sailed back to the pier. From the beautiful sea life we saw at the bottom of the ocean 30+ feet down (I’ve never been in such crystal clear water!), to the inflatable slide that terrified us once we were atop, and the many failed attempts to stand on the paddleboards, we were very two happy girls!


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