Destination: Mexico!

Hi friends!

A lot has happened in the past 3 weeks! I’ve turned 25 and had one awesome birthday, finished a master’s program and got my hood and diploma, taken a trip to Charlottesville & Richmond, hung out with some friends at a lake for a weekend, and have done my share of job searching. All of these events deserve their own post here on Bird’s Nest…and they will come. But first, excuse me while this bird flies to Mexico!

 I hope to update a few times here about my adventures. After all, this blog started almost three years ago so I could share my backpacking escapades with you! Remember the beginning in Santorini? The giggles of Rome? And of course, we can’t forget the beauty of Prague…sigh. Such sweet times. I am so excited to have a new place to explore and a new culture to soak up. Traveling has a magic spell over me and I cannot get enough! I cannot think of a better way to celebrate a three-year master’s program than with my dear friend Carolyn, who endured walked these past three years with me. Yes indeed, I have a feeling these days in Mexico will be as sweet as those piña coladas we will be sipping beachside.

Adiós, America!


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