My Last Day at 24.

I can’t believe it’s my last day being 24 years old! Today, I’m closer to 20. Tomorrow, I’ll be in between, but come Sunday, I’ll be closer to 30.  That is mind-blowing if you ask me! It’s the end of an era…an era of student-hood and early-twenties. It’s all too much for me to grasp.

The only way for me to slightly comprehend getting older is to reflect on the past year. Subconsciously (and now consciously) I want to know, “What were the highlights & lowlights?”, “Did 24 count?”, & “Did I make the most of it?”

I won’t bore you with the details of the past 365 days (doesn’t that seem like such a short time to be one age?…oh how time flies). But here are a few features.

At 24…

  • I tried brussel spouts, eggplant, and artichokes and liked them
  • Joined the Junior League of Winston-Salem and have made some new friends
  • Became a Zumba instructor and have fallen in love with teaching it
  • Got myself an incredibly smart, caring, funny, and handsome boyfriend—such a gift & unexpected surprise!
  • Traveled to California for two weeks
  • Became a little obsessed with Pinterest
  • Learned a lot about food and the importance of organic, free-range, & locally raised food (If you want to learn more, In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan is legit.)
  • I got a tattoo
  • For the first time, I actually liked winter and welcome the season again (Ahem, Justin Bieber Christmas album anyone?)
  • Enjoyed the company of an awesome roommate
  • Learned even more that God is my provider, defender, and strength
  • I still don’t like mushrooms & my body cannot tolerate caffeine
  • Finished my three-year master’s degree!

Did 24 count? Yes. Did I make the most of it? I think so. I know this for sure: God is astoundingly good, life is a beautiful gift, and the relationships in our lives are meant to help us distinguish the art of being human and human being.

I’m not sure what 25 will hold. I’ll have to reflect a little on that later, because frankly, it’s time to celebrate the day first before anticipating the year!

So tomorrow, I’ll start the day like this…

  • Hit the farmers’ market for some fresh fruit
  • Enjoy a French toast & fruit brunch, along with some freshly squeezed OJ!
  • Spend the day with some of my favorite people!!!!!
  • Relish in the fact that Mexico is celebrating my birthday! (Cinco de MAYO!)
  • Watch some horses race with excitement that it’s May 5th! (Kentucky Derby!)
  • Invite some gals over for a “Pinterest” party! (More on that later)
  • End the day gazing at the “supermoon” that is making an appearance just for my birthday!

This just might be the best birthday yet.


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