Sitting Window Side.

The weather here has been delightful. Warm, sunny days with a cool breeze blowing. When the wind swirls, the fragrance of spring is overwhelmingly sweet. This is by far my favorite season! Tonight the clouds came and the rain drizzled. Even the fresh spring rain smelled divine. A good setting for a low-key evening: research, sipping on some vino, and missing a certain someone.

I’ve been on my last spring break as a student this past week and it’s hardly felt like a break. Papers, reading, research, meetings/semi-interviews, cover letters, resumes, thank you notes…well spring break hasn’t been ideal for a “last” one, but I think this is just part of growing up. Don’t worry, fun times are ahead! I’m heading to VA to spend time with my family this weekend. I’ll get to eat some delicious home-cooked meals with the ones I love, paint my niece’s nails, spend time with my dear friend Janna, go see a movie with my cousin, body pump/zumba it up, and take my DSLR ’round the neighborhood to capture spring in VA. I am definitely looking forward to this weekend.

What do you have planned? Is spring blooming where you live?


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