In Two Months…

In exactly two months, it will be my birthday! This is the big one, folks… I’ll be 25! I cannot believe it. I still feel so young. This birthday will also mark being done with my 3-year masters program. If I keep a steady work pace, I’ll turn in my last final on the 4th, and on the 5th, not only will I be a year older, but I’ll no longer be considered a student. I literally cannot believe all of this change is just two months away. Lord help me and prepare me! It’s exciting. I’m ready and totally unprepared at the same time. I am reminded that change is hardly comfortable but necessary for growth. Only God knows what is coming my way in the (very) near future, so I’m trusting in my Creator to provide, protect, and walk with me. Easier said than done, right?

Hey look, it’s official!


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