I Can Almost Taste it Now!

The first day of March has come to greet us with a warm, 75-degree kiss! I hear birds chirping, a person tilling with some sort of lawn apparatus, and the peaceful silence of the house. No heat needed right now.

The first of every month always makes me want to start new goals and habits. I want to schedule my workouts for the next month and juice kale/cucumber/ginger drinks. Particularly this time of the year, I want to spring clean my house, set up my back patio with new veggie plants and herbs, and decorate for spring. Spring….SPRING is coming!

I know myself well—at least in the sense that warm weather does something very good to me. I get giddy when I think of wearing shorts and summer dresses, going barefoot, and relaxing outside on my patio with twinkle lights glowing and the smell of steaks on the grill as I sip a cold glass of pinot grigio. I can almost taste it now.

Sometimes I have a tendency to rush into spring. I forget that snow is still a possibility—that my heat-blanket will still be needed and if I were to plant my little garden now, there’s a strong possibility that they could freeze to death. Literally.

Despite the threats of a lingering winter, I am still filled with hope and excitement for the new life about to come. I will still decorate for spring, plan my workouts, and paint my nails a pastel color. A new season is coming, in more ways than one, and y’all, I am so ready!

What are you looking forward to this month? This season?


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