Life is Good.

Eight posts this year on Bird’s Nest feels pretty pathetic. I wish that number was doubled but my time has been cut in half! If my office & desk give any indication to what life has been like…well take a look!

 I can’t complain though. Life is good and I am enjoying these last few months being a student. 88 days, 20 hours, & 2 minutes left until I graduate. Craaazzzyyy! Of course there is a part of me that wants to panic and worry about what comes next—but truthfully, I’m too busy living in the present moment trusting in a very good God for my future. I’m surprised that I feel this much peace in uncertainty, but whatevs, I’ll take it!

Two weekends ago, I went home and spent time with my family. I just saw them for three weeks in December but going again in early February was refreshing. I am so thankful to live in a reasonable driving distance from them. I’m not sure I will always have that in the future—so I am appreciative of it now. Look at this girlfriend…she likes to get waaaaay close to my camera lens and inevitably, I capture a blur of cuteness. Yet another reason why I love to be “close” to home.

When in VA, it snowed for an hour. I felt like I was in a snow globe! The flakes were so big and distinct, but it didn’t stick. On Sunday, it snowed here in Winston for a solid 12 hours, giving us about 3 inches of snow. It was magical. It made me what to sing Baby, It’s Cold Outside (She & Him version), to a SOS.* Speaking of an SOS…check out these beauties. Indeed it was a very “Happy Valentines Day”!  You want more details? Ehhh, perhaps another time… 🙂

 This weekend I have my first of three weekend classes for the semester. The class is called Field, Table, Communion: The Spirituality of Food. First of all, it’s about food—which let’s be honest… I love. There will be organic, locally bought food for potlucks, videos watched, field trips taken to community gardens, fresh dough made, and woodfire pizzas cooked. And that’s just this weekend! I can’t wait to share with you next week about the adventures.

Hope all is well in your life, friends. Thanks for being so faithful to come and share life with me on Bird’s Nest!

*SOS: “Some One Special.” Yay for a trip down middle school memory lane!


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