The Start.

We are one week away from Christmas Eve! (Whhhaaat?!) There is something so magical about Christmas Eve…I prefer it to Christmas day. Nostalgia in the air, the Christmas tree lit, candles flickering, with music speaking of Santa coming that night and remembrance of Christ’ birth. Then Christmas day comes and the reality of the anticipated day goes too quickly. The radio stations change back to their regular programed music and the reality of a cold, long winter ahead seems to swipe the warmth of Christmas spirit right out the chimney. Cheers of the New Year help the post-Christmas blues, as end of the year reflections summon and hopeful resolutions are dreamt. Mmmm, the holidays are here.

I’ve been in the holiday spirit since October, but really, this is the first time I’m starting to feel the pace of the season slow and actually soak in it. Finally, I have some time to distress from the busyness of the semester and begin “the start” of my 2011 reflections. Check back here on Bird’s Nest for those musings. Love to you all and I pray this next week of pre-Christmas refreshes you and fills you with all the sweetness of the season. Let’s remember the reason to celebrate and avoid the traps of the consumerist mentality.

Oh, come, let us adore him.

Sing in exultation.

Glory to God in the highest.

Come and behold him.



Oh, come let us adore him.


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