I went to one of my favorite restaurants tonight. I paid for my meal and was scoping where to sit (by myself). Not over there…those kids are absurdly loud. Not over there, a 37-year-old woman’s birthday party (as she wears a pink fuzzy crown and pink sequenced scarf), not by the door—too chilly, not here becau…BAM, someone hits me in the face! It was an accident. He profusely apologized. I quickly waved it off (it was a scene in the middle of a large group of people), went to the corner table to put my drink down, walked outside, preteded I was on my phone (you’ve done it too)…and CRIED! Not many tears, no just two or three. I cried people! The accidental punch didn’t even hurt!!!!! The tears were my first response to the situation and it they took me by surprise. Perhaps at that moment I was very aware that I was alone. At that moment—like a little girl who just tripped and wants her mom—that a 24-year-old still wants the comfort and assurance from a loved one saying,
I was surprised by the unexpected and frankly, it threw me off (both the punch and the tears). I’m not really sure what this post is about other than punches, tears, being alone, the need for comfort, and unexpected blows and reactions are all apart of the human experience in a beautiful, messy life. And I think that is ok.


3 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. Shea, you are not alone! A couple months ago something similar happened to me. I pretended I had to go to the bathroom and I cried. Simply from shock, embarrassment, and more embarrassment because I was crying over something that really didn’t hurt.

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