Autumn Wreath Tutorial

Since getting back in the swing of school (hooray, last year!), I’ve been loaded with readings, papers, and new TV shows. Anyone else?

So with fall upon us (though the weather feels like a sticky July night), I’ve been craving some creativity for Bird’s Nest. What better than a easy autumn wreath tutorial?


  • Yarn
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Styrofoam wreath
  • Glue gun
  • Yarn (any colors to your liking!)
  • Accessories (I did a few flowers and a small owl)


  1. Take your first color of yarn and tie a knot around the wreath. Wrap the yarn around…and around…and around…
  2. …until you’re ready for your second color of yarn. Cut the yarn and tape the very end of the yard to the wreath.
  3. Repeat until you’ve completed the entire wreath with as many colors you want.
  4. For decor, hot glue some accessories in an arrangement. I like bottom right…do what you like though!
  5. Hang & be proud.

For all of you self-proclaimed “non-creative” persons, this is easy (and much less time than the winter felt wreath!). Have some fun with it and let me know how yours turns out!


5 thoughts on “Autumn Wreath Tutorial

  1. very cute….and helpful, I was just wondering what I will be putting on my door as well. As for new shows, have you seen “The New Girl” super cute and funny 🙂

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