I don’t have many friends here in North “Carolina” but the ones I have are quality. There are those people that God sends to save people…people like me. I don’t think I would have survived the past two years of Divinity school if it weren’t for Carolyn Beckman (nicknamed affectionately by yours truly, “Carolina”)! Seriously this girl has been a saving grace to me these past two years.

Here are some facts:

  • She and I both went to Southeastern University but didn’t know each other well, just of each other.
  • Carolyn and I both started at Wake Forest School of Divinity at the same time, and God willing, finish the same time! (May 21, 2012… 280 days Carolina!)
  • She is the most genuine and caring gal I know.
  • Her commitment to her family and friends is simply inspiring.
  • Add “world-traveler” to this list!

  • When Carolyn sings, people are spellbound.
  • She is a fitness instructor of the hardest classes I know: Body Pump, Body Combat, and CX 30. She puts me & my Zumba moves to shame!
  • She averages 5 hours of sleep a night. Really.
  • Everyone I know adores this girl and trusts her with anything and everything.
  • We plan our classes together each semester. This fall, hello modern dance, homiletics, spirituality in film/fiction/poetry, and hopefully our internship group.
  • Dark chocolate is her secret weapon.
  • Annnnd, today is her birthday!!! I love that girl to death and can’t thank God enough for a friend like her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLINA!
  • Oh yeah, and she’s currently training for a marathon for this November. Add crazy to the list, too!


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