Gal Pals.

My niece and I had our first girls’ day together! I picked up that bundle of cuteness up for our first stop, Sunday Park, to feed the ducks. Lovey idea, right? Once we started to feed one duck, about 14 other ducks thought they are entitled to the bread as well. Those little hungry bastards came up way too close for comfort and were quacking at us to give them all we got. Amber wanted “up” immediately so after swooping her up like a protective momma bird, I started throwing whole slices of bread as far away as I could, but that was only a temporary fix. We were soon out of bread and decided it was time to scurry away. I might have even used the stroller as a mediator between the ducks and us. Maybe. Possibly. Yes I did.  After the ducks were marching on their way back to the lake, Amber started telling the ducks off. She kept pointing at them telling them, “Go.” I swear I heard her mumble a few other curses, but nonetheless, she showed them who was boss. That’s my niece!

After our first little fiasco, we took a break to gaze at the lake. We could hear the ducks babbling in the background (like ¼ of a mile away), and Amber was still worked up, telling them to go away! I tried to distract her with pictures. That was fun.

Hey cutie, you’re so sweet.

We strolled, we tried to swing (for like one hurrah, because Miss Amber did NOT like swinging), and giggled down the slide.

Girl you lookin’ kinda cute…in those poka-dot pants guuuurl.

We headed home. Amber napped and I came “The Nail Fairy” came and painted her nails & toenails while baby girl slept like an angel. After an hour, she woke up and we marveled at her pretty pink nails. She was confused, being that “The Nail Fairy” has never come before and graced her tiny fingernails. To explain to her how it’s done, I painted pink sparkles atop and taught her how to blow on her nails to dry. One poof on her nails and that girl has my heart melted. Thatta girl!

Our day continued and we met Gigi for a Mexican lunch. I ran into a few girls from high school and quickly introduced Amber as my niece. I had to do that throughout the day. Me? A mom? No. Awkward…

After our girls lunch, we did a little shopping. She’s such a good shopper. She takes after me, yes?

I took Ambie home and thought we could try another nap. It was more of a “Amber-lays-there-with-pacifier-in-mouth-as-Auntie-Shea-naps-beside-for-30-minutes.” I tried, whatev.

Our final hour together involved Eleanor. Poor Eleanor. Poor Ambie. Eleanor didn’t want a one year old grabbing her pretty white fur. Amber didn’t want to chase Eleanor and feel rejected by something so cute and cuddly. Lose/lose. See below.

I love Amber’s sad/cry/the-world-is-unfair face here. Wish I could get it lighter to see better, but couldn’t.

All was made right with hugs, kisses, and a cookie. It was time for our day to end. Sad. But, she held our agreement (no poops) and I was giddy from spending time with my sweet niece.

Ambie, oh I love you so and for our next girls’ day, future “Nail Fairy” visits, 100+ pictures taken, lots of neck kisses, and I promise no more ducks. XOXO.


2 thoughts on “Gal Pals.

  1. I loved reading your blog about your girls day with Amber. She is precious and I know you are in love. See you soon. JoJo

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