Pasadena Pastimes.

My friend of ten years Janna Gould (Janna, can you believe it’s been that along already!?) picked me up in the Los Angeles airport and whisked me away to the pacific coast to check out the beach. It was windy, and pretty chilly. We did out favorite picture pose.

We ate fish tacos (me for the first time, and well, probably the last 😉 ) and caught up on life…just what we do best. We talked about everything from our beloved pets and boyfriends (ahem—or lack thereof for me), to seminary life and interventions pulled on us by our friends. (Interventions given because seminary has made a girl crazy!) Hence, the crazy/creepy faces… 😉

The following four days were filled with free entertainment from Camille (her own baby girl), meeting her beautiful friends, silly & deep conversations, and of course, delicious food (sushi, thai, BLTs, homemade pizza, i-could-keep-on-but-i-don’t-want-to-make-you-jealous).

With Janna, the time flies, never void of a dull moment or conversation. She is absolutely hilarious, witty, creative, refreshing, mature, beautiful, and has the best taste in music I know. Not to mention, I am always learning something new with her. For example, I learned that in Pasdena, if you see furniture on the side walk, it’s up for grabs. And if not, there is a fine line between knowing it’s up for grabs or if someone is moving in. Timing is everything, y’all.  Pasadena is charming. There is that neighborhood feel, fused with quaint shops & restaurants, including the house used in “Father of the Bride.” Pasadena is known for the roses, and yes, I see why! The walks Janna & I took with Camille were picturesque with the roses pressing the sidewalks and fences.

Janna checking out the goods.

Father of the Bride house!

Pasadena was the perfect introduction to California. My deepest gratitude goes to Janna for showing me her life, treating me to some sweet goodies, and even giving me her bed for four nights. Damn girl, you’re a great friend!


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