Mumford & Sons

On June 7, 2011 I went to one of the best concerts of my life: Mumford & Sons! Along with Beth & Carolyn, I travelled to Asheville, NC to do some foot-stompin’, fist-pumpin’, & jump-alongin’ to the the English folk rock band I’ve fallen so in love with. Everything about the night was perfect…from our seats to the music, it was pure delight. They played every song on their current album and even a few new ones that will be on their next CD. At the end, they left the stage and just when we thought the concert was over, they came back out and played another two songs! Serious excitement, folks! They were incredibly humble and kept talking about this concert being the biggest audience there to see them. At the end of the night, Beth, Carolyn, & I kept exclaiming, “Unreal. That was just unreal.” At it was. We were in shock at the greatness we had just witnessed!

Oh man is a giddy thing…
                        Sigh No More

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