Starting Summer

Hi dear friends.

How are you? It’s been awhile since we’ve caught up. Is the world still going on out there, despite me being on summer break?! I’ve concluded I do break well; probably too well because I’m considering making “break” a profession.

I’ve slept in, some mornings as late as 11:45am!

I haven’t worked out in 2 weeks. Liberating I tell you!

I celebrated my 24th birthday, mothers’ day, and my brothers 30th birthday. How quickly we grow up…

I also celebrated my friend Jordan’s father’s life (Bronson Hunter) as well. He passed away May 9, 2011 and I’m so thankful to have had the chance to know him. I have countless childhood memories with the Hunter family (since first grade!) going to the annual Halloween parties, vacationing with them for many summers, and spending countless nights over at their house. Even though I just spent a year interning with Hospice, death is still a mysterious concept for me but if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that life is precious and meant to be enjoyed. My prayers go out to the Hunters that each day will bring joy, purpose, and love.

Also on break, I’ve watched my nice learn to walk, drank some pretty martinis, and went to visit my grandparents & aunt/uncle in Charlottesville on the family farm. (More to come on the farm adventures!)

I’m about to leave (tomorrow!) for California for two weeks visiting some of my best friends & family. Other than that, I don’t have any major summer plans. A few concerts are planned (Mumford & Sons // Bon Iver), some summer weddings to attend (Alison & Josh // Amanda & Tim), and plenty of shows to indulge in (Bachelorette // So You Think You Can Dance)!

Indeed, I think it’s going to be a very sweet summer ahead. What do you have planned?


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